Hello everyone, this is Abhra, greeting you for this week’s poetics. I hope all of you are doing well.

This year I had one of the hottest summers ever. Thankfully the Northwester has started after a few very hot days and given us a big relief. It is now calm and colder. The air is heavy. I like the feeling. It is very pleasant and almost feels like the rainy season but that won’t be here until a few months from now.

Before I share this week’s post, I want to break the news that I have requested to step down from the chair of a bartender here. With my daughter growing up, work and the time difference with EST, I feel I am not able to give writing or hosting here a share of my mind, that I used to. It seems only yesterday, that Brian and Claudia brought me in – that was two years ago. I don’t remember the exact day now – but it was sometime in March or April in 2014. As Claudia said, I tried to bring in a flavor of my history and culture through the prompts as a variation and it worked out very well. To read and write for Dverse has been the biggest thing that has happened to me in my creative journey thus far.

Coming to this week’s prompt – here is what I have in mind – I want you to write a poem about the farewell you gave but didn’t mean to – the good-bye you said but hoped that you will meet again at the crossroads. I know it happened to me before, more than once – that I got onto a train, waved my hands involuntarily, the people I left behind fading slowly and that only made me realize how strong the bond was. I hope you will enjoy writing this – come join me and celebrate poetry.

It has been nothing short of fantastic with you all lovely people here and though I might join back in future, as of now, with a heavy heart I bid you all good-bye. If you are reading my post or poetics for the first time, here is what you have to do.

  • Write a poem and post it to your site/blog.
  • Enter a link to your poem and your name by clicking Mr Linky below.
  • You will find links to other poets. Read and comment on other poet’s work.
  • If you are promoting your work on social media, use the tag #dversepoets.

Thank you all. Have fun.