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Hello fellow poets! Michelle (Mish) here hosting Poetics. I am excited to bring a guest with me today. Her name is Ally Saunders, an artist from Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Ally is one of the fine artists featured in my last poetic prompt, New Beginnings. She has graciously agreed to tell us a little more about herself and to share her work to stir your poetic muse.

Ally works with a variety of media, oil, water but her favourite is acrylic. You can find more of her work at allyart.ca

Hello Ally and welcome to dVerse Poets Pub!

Can you tell us more about how your life as an artist began?

I have always been interested in drawing and painting.  Once my children were grown, and I started my personal work, my Art was my way of expressing myself and what I have learned.


What are some of the sources of inspiration that have led to your work?

My inspirations come from within.  My process, my dreams, my creativity come to life on my canvasses.

In your bio you speak of your Journey of Learning and how various courses in personal growth led by Maria Gomori have inspired you. Can you elaborate more on these courses and how they moved you in your artwork?

What inspired me about my Satir courses with Maria, was learning to be more congruent with myself, how family patterns repeat generation after generation unconsciously. How I changed family of origin patterns, to know myself more, and to be more aware of my yearnings, wants and needs. This comes through in my paintings, especially core beliefs, soundings, can trigger me and inspire.


How has painting influenced your life?

Painting has opened me up to more of life, I learn more about myself as I paint, my creativity has blossomed, and I am often surprised at what I see and learn and accept, even when I look after at the finished piece.

Do you have a more personal connection to one of your paintings or a favourite piece?

My painting “Yearnings” is very dear to my heart.  It is a yearning that I feel wasn’t met as a New Born.  I feel soft when I look at it still.  

Do you ever experience creative blocks and how do you overcome them?

This was once a frustration for me, now I sit with myself and accept a block, as I know I am working up to a new Creation.

As poets, we create with words and interpretations can vary. Do you find that this is also true with your art? Is there something that you hope to communicate through your work?

Absolutely, I hope to communicate myself, and I know everyone has their own interpretation when they view a painting.  I learn more about another when I get their interpretation and meaning.  I am often quite surprised at others feedback.

Ally, thank you for this interview and for giving us a glimpse into your world as an artist. We wish you continued creativity and success.

Fellow dVerse Poets, your prompt today is to take a closer look at Alley’s collection featured within the post OR from her website. Look within yourself, find your own interpretation and write a poem. When using an image of Ally’s work, please remember to credit it properly with her name and a link to her website, allyart.ca

I am unable to join in until 6 p.m. Ally Saunders may drop in to say hello! Have fun!

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