Hello everyone! We have a lovelyguest host today, Sara McNulty.

Hi Pubsters,

Purple Pen In Portland (Sara McNulty) here tending bar. Everyone is ordering purple drinks. Why do you suppose that is?

I am honored to be your guest host at this friendly neighborhood pub.

I have always had a fascination with buildings, small, large, stone, or straw (nod to The Three Little Pigs). I began thinking about designing my own building since the Flatiron Building is already taken.
Mad Hatter Towers
By Sara McNulty

A hat brim filled with enriched soil
for a fertile garden–all flowers
welcome. Each month a new
gardener applies for the opportunity
of planting his/her own delights.

Light up that hat in lavender
paint. Top it off with white
rabbit ears. Four stories
high, each with round windows
for incoming sun beams, lighting
up floors, doors, and walls.

Tea service available
on each floor. What’s more,
you can choose from a wall
of intriguing tea cups (some
in half cup sizes). If you are
fortunate, Alice might be on hand,
serving tea in grand style. Call
first. Hold your thirst. We are never
sure what hours we will be open
or closed.

Your challenge for today is to imagine that you have been given free rein to design any type of building you wish. What would your building look like? shape? materials? size?


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About our guest host:
I have lived in Portland, Oregon for seven years, with my husband, and two dogs. Running an active poetry blog, co-hosting another, and my involvement in several online blogs keeps me busy. I am also a member of Voices in Verse, a poetry group that meets monthly.