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Hello and Happy Haibun Monday! Mish here, bringing you today’s prompt.

How was your morning? I am not a morning person myself…more of a night owl, but my husband is up at the crack of dawn on a regular basis. He captured these peaceful moments at a nearby conservation area.


Aww yes, the theme I have chosen for this week’s Haibun prompt is “morning”.

Isn’t every morning a miracle?

Do you embrace it or resist it?

Walk us through one of your mornings. Describe a morning routine, a cherished morning memory, an early morning walk or a glorious sunrise. The birds may be singing praises to a clear, blue sky or the fog may have set in. As we all know, not all mornings are wonderful. With that said, I give you a piece to ponder by Frank J. Tassone, one of our frequent pub poets. You may remember this riveting haibun, his response to an MTB prompt in January. It was originally published in an online literary journal called “Image Curve”.

The Morning After

by Frank J. Tassone

Her cup of Columbian Supremo cools atop of a crumpled copy of the Journal News, spread over the kitchen table like leaves across the lawn. She stands by the kitchen sink, inhales another drag on a half-smoked Marlboro, stares out the window, not seeing the cracked blacktop or the rust on the basketball hoop.

There’s no sign of yesterday’s overcooked prime ribs. No trace of aroma from the baked yams or steamed avocados. No echo of the scream, the slap.

The silence.

Just her, another grandma. With a swollen right cheek.


Stained window

Breeze scattering leaves up

Any Maple Street


© Frank J. Tassone

Previously published in Image Curve, August 1, 2014


Your haibun should be one to two tight paragraphs of non-fiction prose followed by a seasonal haiku, to add another dimension to the prose. Please remember the haibun prompt is open all week and many join in later. Come back often to read and comment. Now…. open the blinds, grab your favourite caffeinated beverage and relive a morning through your writing!

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