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Greetings, amazing poets! ’Tis the season for good cheer, and ’tis the day for Quadrille Monday – when we pen poems of precisely 44 words, including one word we provide. Today, in honor of the season, I’d like you to play with the word cheer.

Cheer. Cheering. Cheerful. Cheerleader. Cheer us up in exactly 44 words. Or give your poem a twist that goes dark, but be sure to get some form of the word cheerin there somewhere. You can use any form of the word, and you can even play with hyphens and such to get creative, but some form of the word cheer should be in your poem.

Remember Buddy the Elf’s favorite mantra?

New to the Q? Greetings! And here’s what to do:
Write us a poem of exactly 44 words, including some form of the word cheer. Post your poem on your own blog, and then use Mr. Linky below to give us access. Then head over to other poet’s blogs to cheer them on. The prompt is open all week, so be sure to come back for more. And be sure to drop us a comment below to say hello. I’m pouring champagne today, both alcoholic and non. Cheers!