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Welcome to Open Link Night! This is Frank Hubeny and I will be your host for the next two days.

The only constraints during Open Link Night are that you may link only one of your poems and the Mister Linky will close in two days. Other than that there are no constraints. Link whichever poem you want. I’ll be tending the bar in the comment sections below.

Don’t forget that the villanelle form challenge is still open. https://dversepoets.com/2019/03/28/forms-for-all-the-villanelle/

Let’s celebrate mid-April with three April poems.

I keep forgetting who said “April is the cruelest month”. In case you forgot as well, here is T. S. Elliot reading The Waste Land.

Sometimes poems can be thought of as songs and then music is written for them such as this version of Edna St. Vincent Millay’s Song of a Second April.

Or, for something more up-beat, try Ogden Nash’s Always Marry an April Girl.

To participate post a poem in your blog, copy the link to that poem, and paste it in the Mister Linky below.

See who is linking with you. To get to know them better read their poems for this Open Link Night. Remember, it will be open for two days, so come back to see who has posted afterwards.