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They say seeing is believing, but I find that very weak. The wind blows, yet rarely do we see it, only its effect. We can not see gravity, but it is hard to argue there is not a force that holds us to this spinning ball of dirt.

There are many things we can not see, yet we believe in them. Even trust them.

What if you could see them?

Today for Poetics, I am granting you the ability to do just that. I am giving you a third eye. This eye has the power to see all the things at work in our world that you can not see with your ordinary eyes.

It could be: gravity, wind, angels, demons, souls, auras, intentions, leprechauns, attitudes, moods or magic. It can be anything that you can not see with your normal eyes, but you know is there.

Now, tell us…what do you see?

  • Write a poem describing what you can now see with your new eye,
  • Post it on your blog
  • Click the Mr. Linky button below, and in the new window that opens up input your name and direct url of the poem.
  • Visit others who have taken the challenge.
  • Have fun!

Have a great weekend, and stay safe if you are around the hurricane…I will see you out on the trail! ~Brian