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Welcome to the Saturday before Halloween! Wondering what spooky things I have in store for you? Well I am in a comedic frame of mind today so I thought we would have some fun at the expense of the spooks!

We’ve written from the perspective of monsters. And we’ve written for atmosphere and for mood. Sometimes dark and sometimes light.

The mood I’d like us to reach for, while think of Halloween spooks, horror movies, scary books and haunts is one of darker comedy. What if they were real, and not so scary? What if they showed up at our house or work?

Some people fear zombies, and ghouls. They don’t scare me, I’ve seen the Wal-Mart people. Have some fun – pick a local haunt or legend and give it a comedic twist.

The sign, Elm Street, is on a handle. Resting on my father-in-law’s barn roof. He uses it as a snow scraper to keep the snow from getting too heavy on it in the winter. I burst out laughing when I saw it. From the horror of Freddy to the ignoble end on a barn roof. How absurd!

Elm Street

Creaking up the stairs they came.
Clawed feet scraping each riser.
Jaws clenched aching to bite.
Eyes narrowed down tight.
I’m sleeping sound now.
Everyone tucked in.
I hear it coming
and I have to

Heavy breathing at the foot of my bed.
Drool hitting the floor in juicy splats.
I can imagine blood pooling too.
Yawning I rise, and stare it up
and look it down and say
“Wrong house! Again!”
and “Clean up too!”
A whimper and
a whine as it
goes to find
who is

So let’s have a little fun today. My name is Shanyn and I will be your host on this ghoulish quest. If you are new, here is how it works:
  • Write a poem and post it to your webpage
  • Click on the Mr. Linky and enter your name and direct URL to your poem
  • Visit others, let them know what you thought of their work. Think of it like trick or treating.
  • Have fun