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Welcome all to Open Link Night at dVerse!

Most of us here in the United States are in full swing of preparing for the holidays; the countdown is on.  For many, they can be not only a source of introspection and spiritual meaning but they can bring melancholy and feelings of separation and stress.  I always find writing a worthwhile and relaxing diversion.

And as the weather chills in most parts of our country and beyond, Florida remains warm and humid and our flowering plants believe it is still summer.  Here is a photo of our perpetually blooming Bougainvillea:


Bougainvillea, photo by Gayle Walters Rose

So I invite you today, to share with us a poem of your choice, on whatever subject you would like.  Perhaps you may want to look through our archives and find inspiration on a different form that you’ve always wanted to try.  This is your space to use and I encourage you to explore it.  There is much information and instruction here.  I’m grateful to be of service for you today.
Gayle ~

To those of you who are new and as a reminder to those who aren’t, here is how we go about sharing our writings:

    • Write your poem and post it to your blog or website. A link back to dVerse is always appreciated.
    • Copy the url of your poem and click on the Mister Linky below and paste it into the space provided along with your name.
    • After linking up, leave a comment below. We would love to get to know everyone better and we welcome discussions and questions.
    • Visit and leave comments for the other poets who have linked a poem and especially to those who have visited you.
    • Enjoy and share with others our wonderful community.