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kaupunki, град, 市, 町, mesto, lavil, stad, город, város, град, เมือง, şehir,
belt, ქალაქი, πό, λη, mji, יר, 도시, cidade, city, ville, stadt, ciudad, citta, urbe………

..today it is all about going urban with our poetry…

Cities have always fascinated me, I’ve been to Venice, London, Hamburg, Paris, Munich, Sydney, Berlin, Barcelona, Zürich, Lucerne, Berne, Heidelberg…and yes Rome…I fell in love with Rome..

Each city has an atmosphere of her own, some kind of vibrant energy and a specific character. Today we want you to take us on a trip around the world, to the city where you lost your heart, were born, fell in love, spent the most beautiful or most ugly time in your life…no matter if it’s a small or a mega city, if it’s a true or invented story.

It could be a city you have never visited but stands for the state of mind you’re in at the moment. It can be a love poem, fun poem or political rant, it may rhyme or not, you may rap us through your favorite spots or paint your city in pastell colors with a tender brush.. let’s have some urban fun together!


  • Write a city poem or a poem inspired by one of my Rome pictures
  • Post it on your blog
  • Click the Mr. Linky button below, and in the new window that opens up input your name and direct url of the poem.
  • Visit others who have taken the challenge.
  • Have fun..!