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dverselogoGood morning, good afternoon, good evening, depending on where in the world you are..

Are you still a bit breathless from celebrating?

I am – cause I did not only celebrate our 2 years pub anniversary last week but also my 25 years wedding anniversary as well – and it’s good to give room to celebrate those special events, looking back at what was and let the mind spin and visionize a bit about the future as well – pausing in thankfulness – smiling about the little anekdotes along the way…

We had a big party with family and friends on saturday, and I haven’t seen some of them for quite a bit – and it was just so good to spend an evening together, eating, drinking, talking, laughing – and the one thing I thought again and again was:

It’s all about people, it’s all about the people we meet along the way – those are the true treasures and what enriches and stabilizes our lives.

The day before the party my daughter came back from Australia after studying for half amiri-colorful & i dancing in the workbreak year at Sydney university – and when we prepared the party place (a construction site which we thought is good symbolism for a marriage as well) I just enjoyed working side by side with her, decorating the place, inflating balloons, preparing the tables – setting up the music equipment – at one point, admidst the loads of work and unfinished things around, we just started dancing (see pic.. smiles) and yeah –

I’m here because of the people – of course because of the poetry as well – but I could read good poetry alone in my living room – I could write poetry just for me or for publishing a book that will be sold to readers I never met and never will – but what attracts me here and what makes me stay and come back again and again is every single one of you.

So thanks for being here, thanks for traveling that journey with us and thanks for partying & dancing in the work breaks with us as well.. smiles — happy OpenLinkNight!!

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See you out on the trail — Claudia