Happy Tuesday everyone. This is Abhra, back with my third poetics prompt on Dverse. Tonight I have surprise for you and I am sure you are going to enjoy it – after all, the idea is to have some fun on our way, as we write.

I was born in the plains near and I used to believe that small town was my world. Until I set out from home I had the faintest idea of the diversities my country comprised. Slowly I started exploring the plateau, the hills, the desert and the great mountain range that stands like a wall in the north. I came to know to the east – there are places where it rains all throughout the year and places up north that gets almost as cold as Russia. I consider myself lucky that I have lived in the east (where I am from), west (where I studied) as well as south and north in my country, amidst all such diversities – not only from geography and climate, but also people and rituals. It sparked the thought of exploring further. Of course there are placed all over the world that I wish to see and I don’t know if it will ever happen or not, but that doesn’t stop your mind – does it?

Here, I came across a really great visual expression of my dreams – around the world. Let me share this with you all here.

I am sure that I am not alone in such quest. There must be others too, who would like to set out to see the world. So tonight I question you, where would you want to be, if you could choose? Well, it might be difficult for some to pick one place for some.

If it was possible, I would live my life on the streets of Ladakh like this. I keep telling my wife, that when I reach forty, I might just set out on a bike. Perhaps I’d learn to play flute or guitar. Of course, my poetry travels with me.

As they say, rolling stone gather no moss. Looking forward to get a share of your dreams.
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Thank you all. Have fun.